About Us

Scotia-Glenville schools have a 60-year history of excellence in the classroom. For those decades, students have been rigorously prepared for success in college or career after graduation. Beyond the classroom, students participate in the volunteer GIVE Service-Learning program – which has won state and national awards for volunteerism – as well as a wide array of clubs, activities, athletic and community opportunities.

Scotia-Glenville has six school buildings with nearly 2,500 students attending classes on the school campuses. The school district employs approximately 240 teachers and has a total employment of around 500 full- and part-time employees.

The school district is bordered by the Mohawk River on the south and is primarily located in the town of Glenville, Schenectady County, New York, but also stretches into the town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County, and the town of Charlton, Saratoga County. With a budget of nearly $55 million, Scotia-Glenville is the largest employer in Glenville and among the largest in Schenectady County.

Scotia-Glenville MascotThe Scotia-Glenville Philosophy

Scotia-Glenville schools stress a solid, traditional education that emphasizes reading, writing and mathematics while nurturing creative thought, critical thinking and expression through art, music, technology and physical education.

The district also offers excellent second language, business education, home economics, industrial arts, vocational and special education programs. Students are able to reach beyond the school walls through distance learning, just one example of Scotia-Glenville’s commitment to technology.

Scotia-Glenville caters to students of all learning abilities. Strong programs are offered for the gifted and talented child as well as the academically needy student.

The award-winning educational program is complemented by opportunities for Scotia-Glenville students to participate in a multitude of extracurricular and athletic activities.

A 60-year  Tradition of Excellence

Scotia-Glenville traces its roots back to a 24-square-foot schoolhouse constructed on Sacandaga Road in 1818. Other schools were built in 1870 and 1910, including the Lincoln School on First Street and the Mohawk School. The first high school for grades 9-12 was built in 1905 on First Street in Scotia. The first high school class to complete four years, with nine students, graduated in 1910. The Sacandaga School was built in 1931.

Ten common schools joined as one with the centralization of the Scotia-Glenville Central School District in 1950. From 1951-53, the Glendaal, Glen-Worden and Lincoln Elementary schools were built. The Mohawk, Thomas Corners and Sacandaga schools, as well as the former Scotia High School on Sacandaga Road, continued to be used along with the three “newer” elementary schools. Of the pre-centralization schools, only the Sacandaga School continues to house Scotia-Glenville students. From 1953-55, Scotia-Glenville High School was constructed. The Scotia-Glenville Junior High School opened in 1974, to become Scotia-Glenville Middle School in 2001.

The school district’s mascot is the bagpipe-playing Tartan, pictured on this page.

In March 1999, the community approved a $27.1 million construction project – the largest in the school district’s history – that added a new gymnasium, science classroom wing and music area to the senior high school; a classroom wing, auditorium and gym to the new middle school; and classroom and library additions to the four elementary schools. Improvements at the bus garage were also included in the project as well as renovations and expanded parking lots at all buildings.

The school district has had five superintendents since it centralized more than 60 years ago:

  • William H. Martin was Scotia-Glenville’s first superintendent after the school district community voted to centralize, merging the smaller commons under one unified umbrella in 1950. He served as superintendent from 1949-1970
  • Clyde O. Eidens served as Scotia-Glenville superintendent from 1970-1983
  • Patrick R. DiCaprio served as Scotia-Glenville superintendent from 1983-1996
  • Michael J. Marcelle served as Scotia-Glenville superintendent from 1996-2005
  • Susan M. Swartz served as Scotia-Glenville superintendent from 2005-present

Financial Information

The Board of Education develops a budget every year that is presented to the community for a vote in May. Check out more at the budget and taxes link.

Academic Information

Scotia-Glenville’s students are challenged in the classroom. The school district prepares students for college or careers after graduation. Check out more at the academics link.