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Athletics News

Athletic News

2021-22 Scotia-Glenville Athletic Theme

All in logo for athletic theme


All student-athletes and coaches should be ALL IN to each of the following:

A​ thlete: working hard to do their best and being a quality teammate.
L ​eadership: through service.
L ​evel Headed: holding back their emotions and being reasonable.
IN ​tegrity: doing the right thing even if no one is watching.
IN​ tensity: giving 100% effort in everyone and situation.
IN ​clusion: treating others the way you want to be treated.

Scotia-Glenville logoWho are the Scotia-Glenville Tartans?

Athletes of the Month

These students have exceled at their chosen sports:

athlete of the month
Senior Kayla Cannoe plays Lacrosse.
second athletes of the month named
Junior Shane McKine plays Tennis.

What is the Scotia-Glenville Wellness Committee?

brown paper tag that says wellnessSchool wellness committees assess the school health environment, programs and policies in place and identify ways to strengthen these to improve the health of students and staff. Committees develop and implement action plans based on what they learn about the school. The committees provide advice and expertise to administrators in the building and at the district level regarding health-related policies and programs.
Check out Scotia-Glenville’s Wellness page.

Parents are reminded that MS and younger children must be supervised at evening sporting events

Athletic events and extra curricular activities are a very important aspect of school life. They are part of the fabric of what makes Scotia-Glenville Central Schools the center of the community. Spectators who attend these events come to support our students and to enjoy the community atmosphere.

In the past few years we have seen more middle and elementary school pupils left unsupervised by their parents at high school athletic games.

As a result of this, more incidents of misconduct, rudeness, and other inappropriate behaviors are being reported to supervisors at these contests. This has particularly become a problem at football games and basketball games.

Read more of the procedures for evening athletic events here.

Required forms to play athletics

All Athletes need to submit their required health interval forms before the beginning of the sport season in order to play during the season.

The required forms can be found for download on the Forms and Publications page.

Concussion information

Concussion Management Information

clip art showing sports equipmentChildren of any age can get involved with athletics

Scotia-Glenville has many community-based sports programs

Physical Education

For information about the high school physical education program, check here and here are the policies covering the physical education program.

Athletic agreement

All students and their parents sign the Athletic Code of Conduct before participating in S-G sports. It describes the athletic program and penalties for an athlete’s violation of the athletic code of conduct.

Academic standards

Read the academic standards and probation procedures that guide all co-curricular activities.

Substance Abuse policy and procedures

Read the substance abuse policies and procedures.

The High School Code of Conduct and Middle School Code of Conduct also guide penalties in these cases.