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Information for Scotia-Glenville staff members

*NEW: Employee Benefits
Health and Dental Insurance

Open Enrollment: May 1-May 17

Table of contents:

Workplace notices

Revisions to Section 201 of the New York State Labor Law require all mandatory labor postings be made available to employees electronically. Click here to review the list of postings.

COVID coverage changes effective May 12, 2023

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The school district has entered into an agreement with M&S EAP to provide an Employee Assistance Program for 2023.

Work/Life Services:

  • To access online resources, please visit and click “Work / Life Login” at the top.
  • Use the access code WELL to sign in, or create your own account.
  • Live Chat is also available on the website!

Your EAP Benefits

  • Is 100% confidential
  • Covers four virtual, face-to-face, or telephonic sessions with a counselor, per person attending
  • Services also cover all residents of the home
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Access to additional resources such as legal, financial, support groups, housing, etc.
  • Sessions are renewable as long as you have a two-month break in counseling
  • Services are accessible 24/7/365

When can the EAP help?

M&S EAP is here to help you through many difficult situations, including but not limited to:

  • Marital & Family Related Issues
  • Children & Adolescents
  • Anger, Stress, & Time Management
  • Grief & Loss
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse
  • Elder Care Concerns
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Job-Related Stress

Details for Specific EAP Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use my EAP?
Anytime! If you or your family are experiencing a difficult time in areas of stress, anxiety,
depression, family-related issues, substance abuse, or any other problem area, we are available 24/7.

Who is covered?
All household members are welcome to use the program, even if you, as the covered employee, do
not. Household members may contact us directly.

Call: 1-800-543-5080

State law revised: Employees are allowed to take time off to vote

Click here for details and requirements regarding taking time off to vote.

Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave

Beginning in January 2022, the NYS DOH made self-certification forms available for employees to use to evidence the order of isolation or quarantine required under the law. Employees may complete the appropriate affirmation to satisfy the law’s requirement that they have an order of isolation or quarantine, as applicable, from a duly authorized government authority.

The NYS DOL guidance also takes the position that employees may take up to three periods of leave under the law since the onset. However, for the second and third periods, eligibility must be evidenced by a positive COVID 19 test, and the employee must submit documentation from “a licensed medical provider or testing facility” confirming the positive result, unless the employer performed the test. As a result, under the current guidance, a positive at-home test would not be sufficient to establish eligibility for a second or third period of COVID-19 leave under the law.

Starting September 1, 2022, Scotia-Glenville Central School District will be requiring a positive PCR test from all employees requesting to utilize the New York State Covid-19 Sick Leave Pay.

The links below will bring you to the affirmation of isolation form you may use in conjunction with your results.

Isolation: click here 

Quarantine: click here

Message to members of the NYSLRS regarding retirement

Department of Labor notification for all employees who have been laid off, discharged or quit.
Use this Department of labor form to file.

Staff Email

Outlook O365 Email

Useful links for Staff

Substitute Coordination

The substitute coordination service is provided through Capital Region BOCES.

Power Teacher

Access the Power Teacher sign-in page.


Access the PowerSchool sign-in page.

Tartan ED Tech Teach & Learn

Click here for a comprehensive trainings site for teachers to use while transitioning to online learning.

Mandatory Annual Trainings

Click here for the SafeSchools login and directions for the trainings you are required to complete. 

All Scotia-Glenville faculty, staff and substitutes now have the ability to complete their annual training requirement electronically. These trainings include HazCom, sexual harassment, SAVE: Dignity for all Students Act and Safe Schools Against Violence in Education, and more.

Additional training will be provided for departments including, but not limited to, Facilities and Operations, School Nurses, Art, Science, Technology, Transportation, those identified as ‘at risk’ by the district’s Exposure Control Plan, etc.

We’re confident you’ll find these courses to be informative and helpful towards maintaining a safe learning environment.

Medical Emergencies in School (mandatory)

Click here for the medical emergencies booklet every employee must read and sign off on every year.
Click here for the diabetes awareness presentation every employee must read and sign off on every year.

Scotia-Glenville Help Desk

Acture Solutions

STAFF: To request technical assistance, do one of the following:

1.     Log into the district’s helpdesk website ( ).  Use your Scotia-Glenville email username without the as the user name. For example, jsmith (without the, use your S-G email password as the password. Click on “Create a New Incident” under “Can We Help You” and complete the form.

2.     Call by telephone: 518-631-3530

3.     Send an email to

In some cases, a staff member will remotely log into your computer to fix the problem. Staff may wish to call you back with information or questions. At times, a technician may visit your room to directly handle the request.

Technology Resources

Click the link for Information on helpdesk tech support, approved e-Products, Password reset, etc.

Other Resources