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Tartan ED Tech Teach & Learn

A comprehensive trainings site for teachers to use while transitioning to online learning.

State law revised: Employees are allowed to take time off to vote

Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave

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Overview of Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Check out this document, which details expanded employee rights under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act regarding paid leave.


March 17, 2020

To:       All Staff
From: Andrew Giaquinto, School Business Manager
Re:  Payroll Processing During School Closure

Below is a summary of how payroll will be processed during the emergency school closure:

All teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, secretaries, buildings & grounds staff, bus drivers and managerial confidential employees will be paid their regular contractual pay during this time.

Teacher Aides, Transportation Aides, and Monitors will be paid for their board appointed hours. Building secretaries will be asked to fill out time sheets for these employees based upon the hours the employee was appointed for when they received board approval (a list will be provided). Administrators will be asked to sign off on the timesheets before sending over to payroll for processing. Buildings & Grounds employees with any overtime time sheets will continue to submit as they normally would.

Substitutes will not be paid during this time, however, any timesheets submitted for the pay cycle ending on March 13 will still be processed as long as they have been turned in to the Business Office by today.

As of right now, we are able to process both direct deposit and the few live checks we issue. All live checks will be mailed until further notice. If for any reason the District Office is closed and staff are not allowed to come in, only the direct deposit checks will be able to be processed.

Message to members of the NYSLRS regarding retirement

Department of Labor notification for all employees who have been laid off, discharged or quit.

Use this Department of labor form to file.

Staff Email

Log into staff email for Scotia-Glenville employees.

View comprehensive directions about updating and connecting your email account on district computers and connecting your personal devices (personal computers, cell phones, iPads, etc.) so that you will be able to receive emails on these devices.

Substitute Coordination

The substitute coordination service is provided through Capital Region BOCES.

Power Teacher

Access the Power Teacher sign-in page.


Access the PowerSchool sign-in page.

HazCom Training

All Scotia-Glenville faculty, staff and substitutes now have the ability to complete their annual HazCom training requirement electronically.

Here are directions for completing the HazCom training:

Be sure to read the instructions carefully. Failure to properly follow directions may result in your not receiving credit for completing the training.

Additional training will be provided for departments including, but not limited to, Facilities and Operations, School Nurses, Art, Science, Technology, Transportation, those identified as ‘at risk’ by the district’s Exposure Control Plan, etc.

Sexual Harassment Training

The safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the SafeSchools Online Training System  to our employees. We’re confident you’ll find these courses to be informative and helpful towards maintaining a safe learning environment.


The district number for this training is 12022.

Log onto AimswebPLUS

nfrastructure SERVICE NOW

STAFF: To request technical assistance, do one of the following:

  1. Log into the nfrastructure website. Use your Scotia-Glenville email username without the as the user name. For example, jsmith (without the, use your S-G email password as the password. Click on “Create a New Incident” under “Can We Help You” and complete the form.
  2. Call by telephone: 518-665-8723
  3. Send an email to

In some cases, a staff member will remotely log into your computer to fix the problem. Staff may wish to call you back with information or questions. At times, a technician may visit your room to directly handle the request.


StaffTrac is a complete system for managing teacher and principal evaluations that will ensure a continuous professional learning process.

To use StaffTrac:

  1. Log into StaffTrac.
  2. In the UserID box, enter your Scotia-Glenville email address.
  3. If you know your password, enter it in the Password box. If you do not know your password or forgot it, click on the “Forgot your password?” link. The system will send your password to the email address you entered in the UserID box.

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