Teacher Pages

Links to teacher-maintained classroom pages

The links below are teacher-maintained classroom pages. They are used as a way of communicating with students and parents about classroom activities.
Teachers have been asked to follow these guidelines:
  1. The link must be to an open site – not password protected or “by invitation only.” Facebook is NOT an open site.
  2. All information posted must adhere to the internet policy of the school district.
  3. No photos of students with names should be used. You can post photos and put the names of the students elsewhere on the same page.
  4. The site must be in good taste.
  5. If there are concerns with the content on any of these teacher pages, please contact jlilkendey@sgcsd.net or (518) 386-4343.

        Sacandaga Elementary School

        Scotia-Glenville Middle School

        Additional Staff Websites: 

        Scotia-Glenville High School