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Budget graphicOn the third Tuesday of each May, residents from across New York State go to the polls to vote on the following year’s school district budget and to elect members of the Board of Education.

2021-22 budget

The Board of Education on March 29 adopted a final spending plan totaling $59.127 million. The tax levy is projected to increase by 2.02%, above the state’s tax levy limit for Scotia-Glenville (which was 0.13%). Because the agreed upon tax levy increase is higher than the state’s maximum, this budget will need a 60% approval to be approved.

The board members agreed to not replace two retiring teachers at Glendaal because of small class sizes. That move trimmed $200,000 from the original 2021-22 budget presented on March 15.

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The community decides on May 18

On May 18 (unless the date is changed as happened last year), the S-G community will consider these proposals through in-person or absentee balloting

  • 2021-22 school budget;
  • $493,000 bus purchase proposal for four, 72-passenger buses;
  • $12.8 million capital project for roofs, furnaces, lead water line remediation and public address systems at all six schools; and
  • Select two Board of Education members. The terms of current Board of Education members David Massaro and Hal Talbot expire this year.

Who can vote?

Community members who are U.S. citizens may vote in the school elections if they:

  • Have been a resident for at least 30 days before the May vote;
  • Are at least 18 years old.

The district uses registration books from the Schenectady County Board of Elections. If you are not registered, you may vote by showing an official proof of residency.

Can I vote by absentee ballot?

Residents who are disabled, hos­pitalized or out of town on the day of the school budget vote may cast absentee ballots. They are available at the Scotia-Glen­ville business office, 900 Preddice Parkway (end of Lark Street), Scotia. (518) 347-3600, ext. 73102

Absentee voters must first complete an application to vote and then com­plete the ballot itself.

What if the budget were defeated?

If the school budget were defeated once, it could be amended and a second vote scheduled. If the budget were defeated twice, the Board of Education must adopt a contingency budget – meaning the tax levy would be the same as the current year’s tax levy.

How does the state’s STAR program affect my tax bill?

The New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR), which applies only to primary residences, is paid by the state to the school district and is not administered by Scotia-Glenville.

Basic STAR

The STAR program in 2019-20 would reduce school tax bills in Glenville by an estimated maximum of $620 for Basic STAR recipients (the reduction was $620 in 2018-19). Property owners with incomes below $500,000 are eligible for Basic STAR.

Enhanced STAR

For property owners who receive the Enhanced STAR deduction, the Glenville reduction in 2019-20 was an estimated maximum of $1,199 (the reduction was $1,199 in 2018-19). Enhanced STAR is for property owners over age 65 with incomes of less than $86,300.