Employees are allowed to take time from work to vote

Attention All Employees

Time Allowed to Vote on Election Day

N.Y. Election Law Section 3-110

For Registered Voters:

  • You are eligible to take off so much working time as you need to create a total window of 4 consecutive hours (including hours outside of your shift) in which to vote.
  • You are entitled to take up to 2 of these hours without loss of pay.  If you need more than 2 hours off to create a 4-hour window in which to vote, 2 hours will be paid and the remainder will be unpaid.
  • If time off is needed, the District will determine if the time will be at the beginning or end of your working shift, unless otherwise mutually agreed.
  • You must request such time off at least 2 days but not more than 10 days before the day of the election in which you wish to vote.

Read the legal interpretation of the law.

Here is the form to requesting time off to vote.