Wearing masks after the mask mandate is lifted

COMMENT: Will school principals, teachers even the superintendent be making a speech prior to Wednesday about zero tolerance of bullying for students who continue to wear masks at school? Our family has very very high risk family members and it is imperative that our student continues to mask to protect not only themselves but very vulnerable family members. Please don’t reply with it should be handled on a case by case basis because it’s happening all day everyday already and it’s only about to get much worse. We even had a scenario with a teacher in the middle school requesting our child take their mask off to hear them better. To which they refused.

RESPONSE: The superintendent sent a message to all staff members on Sunday night, saying ” We will work diligently as a community to make certain that those who choose to mask are not harassed for their choice.” Any parent can also take advantage of the state’s DASA protocols outlined here to report incidents of bullying – https://www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org/about-us/annual-notifications/#dasa

Here is the parent brochure about DASA – https://www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/PORTFOLIO_DASA_parentbrochure2014-1.pdf

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