When will MS recognitions begin?

COMMENT: Hello there! Just wanted to ask whether or not and students have been recognized for effort. Effort for meets, participation, dedication to school…etc.     Mr. Cosmer had mentioned that they would start recognizing students on April 19th via Scotia Glenville webpage, as well as the news in the morning. I haven’t seen anything on the …

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Virtual state testing days

COMMENT: For the testing days, when will the virtual kids be going in for testing? RESPONSE: This schedule was released a few weeks ago. Go to the bottom of the page to see the Virtual testing days – https://www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org/information-about-grades-3-8-state-testing-virtual-parent-survey-for-the-tests/

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Spectators at sporting events

COMMENT: What is the policy for parents attending the spring outdoor sporting events?  Is Scotia looking at the policies of other schools when making these decision?   Why would Scotia not allow 2 spectators per player at outdoor events where social distancing protocols can be easily maintained? RESPONSE: We will be allowing spectators at Fall 2 …

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Questions about the NYS testing procedures for 2021

COMMENT: Good afternoon: can you provide more information as to NYS Testing for this year? Are our Middle School students going to be taking them and, if so, what will be the procedure for fully Virtual Students? Is there a form to notify the District if a student would like to opt out? Will opting …

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Plans for reopening this fall

COMMENT: Are we developing plans to have the students return full time and if so what time frame are you considering? I have heard many privet schools are and have been back to school full time. RESPONSE: As you know, our elementary students are back full time except for those students who are virtual; secondary …

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Traveling outside of New York

COMMENT: Good afternoon.  I have a question about a child traveling.  I was wondering what a parent would have to do if they went on vacation with their child out of New York. What procedures do they need to follow and if they have to quarantine for 2 weeks after they return are they aloud …

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Fall Sports about to begin

COMMENT: When can we expect to hear the plan for the sports in the Fall II season (Volleyball, Football) allowed to start on March 1st. RESPONSE : The fall season is scheduled to begin on March 7. The Board of Education will need to decide on the parameters and precautions of the new season. The …

Watching today’s basketball game

COMMENT: How can I watch  today’s  basketball game, scotia vs. Niskayuna on virtual? RESPONSE: The game is being broadcast on the school district’s YouTube account – scotiaglenvilleschools – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnEpLZFUaao

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Where can I find the rotation for secondary students

COMMENT: Where can i find the rotation calendars that show which days are Crimson/Strong/Tartans, for Feb – June? RESPONSE: The rotation of Crimson, Strong and Tartan is listed on the web calendar on the website, ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org It is also listed on this School Schedules page of our reopening plan under Secondary  – https://www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org/scotia-glenville-school-operating-plan-2020-21/school-schedules/

Paying for yearbooks

COMMENT:  When do yearbook orders have to be in? Will there be an opportunity given to have our students bring in money for them or does it have to be online? RESPONSE: Both the MS and HS are encouraging folks to submit the orders online. Both schools have posted yearbook links on their respective pages. …

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