Can students wear athletic gear to school?

COMMENT: Can we wear our girls tennis uniforms to school? RESPONSE: We’d ask you to check with your coach, who may or may not want you to wear a uniform to school. On a regular school day, the school district is OK with students wearing the tops of, say, their tennis uniforms. However, for example, …

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Where can I buy Tartan Wear?

COMMENT: Is there anyway to obtain school merchandise? Mainly clothing branded with “Scotia-Glenville” or “Tartans”. RESPONSE: Yes, the Middle School Student Council is currently selling Tartan Wear at this link – As well, the High School PTSA sells Tartan Wear. You can check that out here –

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When is the open house?

COMMENT: When is open house? RESPONSE: Not sure which “open house” you are referring to. The grade 9 and grade 6 orientations were held last week. The only other “open houses,” so to speak, would be for incoming kindergarten students. Not all schools offer kindergarten students a chance to drop in: Glendaal: Students can stop …

Leftover lunch account money

COMMENT: My daughter had money left over in her lunch account after graduating. How can I get a refund or have it transferred to my son’s account? RESPONSE: Please contact Jane Taber at the high school at or at 518-347-3600 ext. 61101. She will be able to help you.

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Do we need to watch the Khan Academy videos?

COMMENT: For sixth grade Khan Academy summer work, our instruction sheet says we need to do quizzes and unit tests for math and science only. Are we supposed to watch every single video and complete every worksheet as well? I’ve been doing all the lessons and quizzes and unit tests, but it would be a …

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Wearing a mouth mask at school

COMMENT: Are we allowed to wear mouth masks during the school day at the ms? RESPONSE: If this is a medical necessity, we would need to have documentation from your doctor that it is necessary for you to wear such a mask.

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Why are old pictures used in the yearbook?

COMMENT: Hello I am wondering why the yearbook has old pictures in it?  Last years prom, no freshman sports and last years sports teams?  I spent 55$ on it and it’s disappointing. Is this how it’s done every year? RESPONSE: In order to layout and publish a yearbook, deadlines with the publisher are early and …

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Language finals are NOT Regents exams

COMMENT: Why is Scotia-Glenville High School telling students that they are taking a Regents Exam in foreign languages??!!  For those who do not know, Regents Exams in languages were eliminated a long time ago.  This district never ceases to amaze me! Deceiving, lying, whatever you want to call it, there are no official Regents exams …

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Spring Fling at the MS

COMMENT: I know that recently,  the kids at the middle school voted on whether they wanted a spring fling or a winter dance. which event was chosen, and when will the event be held? RESPONSE: I can refer to a response from a few weeks ago: There is no spring dance, those formal dances were …

Sixth grader wants to play tennis next year

COMMENT: My sixth grader wants to try out for tennis next year. Where can we get information about this? Also,  are there informational meetings about sports that 6th graders can attend? RESPONSE: Geoffrey Olson, the varsity tennis coach, does provide opportunities for 7th graders to play modified tennis, so this child would be eligible next …

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