Questions about the mask mandate

COMMENT: If the mask mandate at SG is lifted, will students still be allowed to mask in school if they choose?  If so what protocols will be put in place to prevent bullying of those who choose to continue to mask? Many of our children in the SG community are either immune compromised themselves have immune compromised family members at home and need to remain masked.

RESPONSE: Schools are expecting the mandate to be extended when it expires this month. However, if it is not extended, there is no problem with students continuing to wear masks. We expect that many of our staff members will also continue to wear masks if the mandate were removed. As for the bullying issue, it would be dealt with the same way that bullying is dealt with now – your child should contact an administrator who will intervene and deal with the issue. We don’t encourage students to deal with bullying on their own; please involve an adult!!

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