Concerns about school safety

COMMENT – I have concerns about threats made to schools about shootings. Scotia Glenville High does not have metal detectors so ANYONE can have weapons. I’m scared to send my children to school but also don’t want to have any problems by not sending them to school. I’m confused on what to do. My children’s safety is number one!

RESPONSE: We understand your concerns and have the same concerns. There are not metal detectors at the high school, or any school, but the doors are locked during the instruction day and monitors are sitting at the doors to check in visitors. There are many cameras around each building and they are monitored frequently. Scotia-Glenville is also adding an SRO police officer assigned to the school district in January.

Unfortunately, in this age of anonymous threats over social media, that is the reality of our lives today and threats are made virtually every day over social media channels. We wanted to make the community aware of this latest threat (on Friday, Dec. 17), as did every other school district, just so that parents would have the information. Police were added outside of all schools that morning and there were no incidents.

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