Middle School Counseling Office

Image of globe with the words "School Counselors Make a World of Difference" around itThe purpose of this site is to provide you with updated information pertaining to academic requirements, important upcoming events & dates, information links, and various other resources.

Each student in the middle school has a school counselor who serves as a student advocate. Your school counselor is available to help you with issues related to your classes, peers, family and your future.

Your school counselor will meet with you each year in order to help you to begin to plan for your future. It is important for you to give some thought to your direction and individual goals. What you want to achieve in the future will, in most cases, determine the courses and activities you choose while in middle school.

2023-24 Counseling Assignments


The office telephone number is 518-347-3600 ext. 5001


  • Jessica Lamphere (Middle School Psychologist) Office Phone: 518-347-3600 ext. 5000, Email: jlamphere@sgcsd.net
    • Justyna Guidarelli (Interim School Psychologist) Office Phone: 518-347-3600 ext. 5000, Email: jguidarelli@sgcsd.net
  • Jennifer Cardamone (Middle School Social Worker) Office Phone: 518-347-3600 ext. 5102, Email: jcardamone@sgcsd.net
  • Pamela Lyle (Middle School Social Worker) Office Phone: 518-347-3600 ext. 5179, Email: plyle@sgcsd.net

Help when you need it the most

Guidance also extends its services to provide supportive counseling during stressful and challenging times. Grief Support for Teens and Their Families. We hope that the information and links will be of help to you and your child. Please feel welcome to seek us out should you have additional questions or concerns – 518-347-3600 ext. 5001.