Course progressions


Gone are the days when all students take the same classes at middle school and high school.

Today, there are opportunities for advancement along the way, a way to challenge students to reach their level of excellence. For example, Scotia-Glenville offers several Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities.

Below are the various paths students can take in the four main subject areas: English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

These were developed to give parents a quick and easy method of seeing which opportunities are available to their students in a particular grade. Parents and students are urged to discuss these opportunities with their teachers,guidance counselors and Academic Heads.

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English Language Arts at Scotia-Glenville

English course progression

Mathematics at Scotia-Glenville

Math course progressions toward graduation

Science at Scotia-Glenville

Science course progressions to graduation

Social Studies at Scotia-Glenville

Social studies course progression