August 13, 2020 minutes

Social & Emotional Support Committee

Agenda Item

1. Review of documents

  • Good ideas within them
  • Good points of reference
  • How do we make them tangible?
  • Overwhelming amount of ideas and resources

Next Steps

Agenda Item

2. Shared Google Doc

  • Virtual resources
  • Tangible supportAction
    Next Steps
  • Add to list

Next Steps

3. Brainstorming ideas

  • Teachers are worn out from reviewing links
  • Newsletter for staff
  • Friday “feel good”
  • Similar to Susan’s newsletter
  • Should be uplifting -quote, affirmation, etc.
  • Daily or Weekly
  • Done by district and/or administrator
  • Virtually access a counselor/therapist
  • Samaritan Hospital outreach has been done
  • Need to ensure privacy and discretion
  • Review contract language
  • Survey teachers
  • What do they need
  • What supports could they use
  • PTA asking how they can support
  •  Virtual parties
  • Teachers may need equipment
  • Feature staff talents
  • Round circle/cultural development
  • Similar to session run by Dimani & Michael

Next Steps

4. Next Steps

  • Need tangible actions
  • Need approval for staff survey
  • Focus on Resilience Development
  •  Self-help videos/exercises weekly/biweekly
  • Newsletter
  • Mental health support
  • Need to activities that develop and promote human attachment
  • Exercise activities
  • o Walking
  • o Ladders
  • Commit to core ideas
  • Help build Recovery skills


  • Survey will be brought to board for approval
  • Union will be contacted for mental health services
  • Each Committee member will focus on one tangible activity
    Gina – newsletter

Next Steps

  • Gina – newsletter
  • Mark & Wally -survey
  • Chad – drum
  • circle/weekly music
  • Fareed -NYSUT/virtual workshops
  • Michele -meditation apps/brain teasers
  • Anthony – exercise

Respectfully Submitted by:  Fareed Michelen


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