August 5, 2020 minutes

School Protocols and Activities Advisory Team

8/5/2020 – initial meeting

Co chairs Jamian Rockhill and Nancy Lussier

48 members were able to attend the virtual meeting

Mission: to work within the parameters of the SG reopening plan as well as CDC guidelines, NYS ED and Dept of Health to gather information and make recommendations regarding various school protocols and procedures to allow schools to run safely and efficiently while meeting academic expectations.  We will send our advice and suggestions to the Communications Committee who will then in turn submit them to the Superintendent’s office for consideration.  

We will address clusters of topics each week.  Prior to each weekly meeting, the group will gather and submit information and suggestions on a google document created by the co chairs.  

Volunteers are being sought to consolidate submissions into a bulleted list that will be presented at each weekly meeting.

Brainstorming topics will cover:

 8/12  Protocols for Chrome book and hot spot distribution

Mask breaks

Virtual Clubs

8/19 Protocols for visitors, guests, vendors etc including health screenings

Safety drills while maintaining social distance guidelines


Protocols for school activities including how to discourage students from sharing materials,food, and personal items

Cleaning of shared instruments

Cleaning shared PE equipment

Members are encouraged to do some research on the topics, and gather examples from other schools or agencies to consider implementing in SG.  If SG has some previous experience with the topic (ie chromebook distribution) it will be included on the google brainstorm document. 

Some questions were asked that will be followed up on, such as if we need to develop student bathroom protocol.  A recommendation was made that other committees’ recommendations were shared with us so we are not overlapping tasks.  

The slide show and the google brainstorm document for 8/12 will be sent out to committee members via email.


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