August 12, 2020 minutes

School Protocols meeting


Attendance around 29 people

Goal: To discuss the input for the 3 protocols established last meeting

Chromebook and Hotspot distribution

In summary the process used last spring seemed to work well but there will need to be some adjustments.  Using the High School as a pick up point works well before school is in session.  Following the start of school, it should move to the individual school buildings.  An individual at each building would need to be in charge of that portion of the community.

It was recommended that the process to distribute Chromebooks to students and staff start soon.

Due to the fixed number of Chromebooks available, it was suggested that priority be established, if necessary, based on need, number of children in school, etc.

A form that included this information and the school where the student would attend would be helpful.

10 Hot Spots were used in the West Glenville area last spring through Verizon.  It was noted that they were not reliable.

The Computers for Kids program was mentioned as a possible resource for more computers.  IT may be consulted about the status of this program.

Mask Breaks

We must stay within the parameters set by the Superintendent.

  • Masks at all times with breaks
  • 6 feet apart

In summary, it was decided that different age groups may require different amounts of scheduled breaks.  It was recommended that we break in to subcommittees to discuss mask breaks based on K – 2, 3 – 5 and MS/HS.

Possible protocol could be masks breaks at natural transitions such as breakfast, snack, lunch and maybe recess at the elementary level.  An additional mask break could be scheduled.  In MS/HS level, breaks could be brief at the start of each class.  Outside breaks were also an option but staffing and weather are factors to consider.

Further discussion is needed to determine if the mask breaks should be the same across grade levels through the whole district or if teachers could have some discretion as to when a group of students needed a break.  Mask break zones were also considered as an elementary option, yet there were complications with the process and concern it would cause distractions or unintended release of contagions.

Additional information from the Health and Safety committee would help our committee make decisions.  For example, are the students allowed to have personal hand sanitizer.

Virtual Clubs

  • Several clubs appear able to adjust to a virtual setting.
  • The advisors of individual clubs can determine how they can establish an online presence.
  • Drama club was able to be virtually active last spring, they could provide advice to other clubs.
  • In person meetings will not be permissible this Fall due to our cleaning schedule at school facilities.  However, some roles in clubs such as treasurer may need to sign documents in person, which would need to be coordinated carefully.
  • There was concern that students who were learning virtually would not be allowed to participate in virtual clubs.  It was felt that these clubs would be even more important for remote learning students, so an effort should be made to make them aware of club opportunities.

Next week’s topics to brainstorm

  • Protocols for visitors, guests, contractors and vendors.
  • Protocols for safety drills.


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