Minutes August 19, 2020

Notes from School Protocols and Activities Advisory Team


The mask subcommittee presented it’s recommendations.

  • It was suggested that the meditation gardens at the HS be mentioned as a possible spot for outdoor mask breaks.
  • It was suggested that eating and drinking can only occur during mask breaks.  For example, sipping from a water bottle could occur at a mask break.

Visitor and Vendor visitation recommendations were shared.

  • Security issues were a priority.
  • It was recommended that visitors/vendors prearrange appointments with the office.
  • Visitors/parents/vendors who need to come to the building would need to present photo id and safely uncover their face for confirmation of identity prior to entry.  Using the front door cameras was a possibility.
  • Visitors/Vendors must use hand sanitizer upon entering the building, complete a health questionnaire with contact information included and wear a mask the entire time they are in the building.
  • Plexiglass barriers were recommended for either office staff or door monitors who are interacting with visitors.
  • Vendor visits were recommended to be scheduled before or after school when students were not present in the building.
  • Vendor visits could be scheduled for Wednesdays at the MS and HS since the students would not be present.
  • If possible, packages could be dropped off from vendors outside and buildings and ground staff could arrange to bring it into the building.
  • End of the day pick up was mentioned, and it was reported that each building is working on their own policy.
  • Substitute teachers entering the building were mentioned and the question was added to the parking lot.

Safety Drills

Lock Down drills

  • the classroom teacher would demonstrate how a lock down would be employed if it was a real emergency.

Fire drills

  • classes would be staggered to reduce the amount of children in the hallways
  • the drill could be performed one grade level at a time
  • the alarm would be sounded one time so students would recognize the sound
  • the alarm would not be played continuously throughout the staggered drill.
  • prior to the drill, it should be made clear to the students and staff that it is a drill and not a real emergency.

Relocation drills

  • it was recommended that staff practice the relocation drill without children so the procedure was reviewed and understood.

All recommendations must be checked against current NYS expectations/rules.


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