COVID notifications, tests available, vaccination sites

COVID notifications The latest state guidance notes that the requirement for school districts to report daily COVID-19 testing and case positive data to the New York State Department of Health ended on June 30, 2022. You can view the cases reported in area counties at this link – Tests still available Any Scotia-Glenville parent …

Questions about Glen-Worden

COMMENT: What will happen with the students at Glen-Worden Elementary School with only 1 3rd grade teacher wouldn’t that be over class size regulations? What will happen with Shayna Weiss-Perea’s old Room and What happened to Tracy Ehlinger RESPONSE: As was discussed during the budget deliberations, there are not enough students in grade 3 at …

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New kindergarten student at Glen-Worden

COMMENT: My daughter will be starting kindergarten at Glen-Worden this year. Is there an open house day that she can walk through the building, meet her teacher and see her classroom? RESPONSE: All students, grades K-12, begin school on Tuesday, September 6. During the orientation in the spring, your daughter should have been able to …

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Curriculum Reports 2022-23 school year

Here are the curriculum reports scheduled for Board of Education meetings in the 2022-23 school year: July 2022 COHORT Survival Study / Enrollment August 2022 Public Hearing for Codes of Conduct September 2022 Athletic Theme for 2022 – 2023 NYSSBA Resolutions DEI Update October 2022 PreSchool Study November 2022 DCIP Update December 2022 None January …

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Bring in your supplies during orientation

COMMENT:  Just wondering if the kids can bring in their locker supplies tomorrow during orientation for the Middle School (8th grader) RESPONSE: Yes, of course. We encourage your student to lock their locker. If he or she is in 8th grade, they should have a lock from last year. If they do not have a …

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Homeschool guidelines

COMMENT: Where can I find information about homeschool guidelines and requirements/considerations on the website? RESPONSE: You should contact the superintendent’s office at 518-347-3600 ext. 71100. The program’s requirements are administered through the superintendent’s office.

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Start of modified sports

COMMENT: When will we be given a schedule for modified fall sports practice? Should athletes expect to stay after school on the first day? RESPONSE: You call the athletic office with that question – 518-382-1237 to get the specific answer depending on the sport. Yes, an athlete should be expected to stay after school on …

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Student can’t make the August 25 grade 9 open house

COMMENT: My child will not be able to attend the Open House on the 25th. Would we be able to schedule a visit on another day so they are not completely lost on the first day? RESPONSE: Please call the high school office at 518-347-3600 et. 61101. Other arrangements for a tour can probably be …

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Girls Modified Soccer signup

COMMENT: Hi!!! Quick question about Modified Soccer for this upcoming year. I believe there was a sign up for girls Modified soccer on the last day or day before last day of school. My daughter forgot to put her name on the list. Is there any contact info for the coach for this year? Her …

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Extensions and lunch/breakfast posting

COMMENT: Are you going to post an extension list for all the schools like there are in every classroom and office with the room number and teacher’s last name? When will September’s breakfast and lunch menu come out on the district website for each school? RESPONSE: We will not be publishing individual teacher extensions because …

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