Questions about Glen-Worden

COMMENT: What will happen with the students at Glen-Worden Elementary School with only 1 3rd grade teacher wouldn’t that be over class size regulations? What will happen with Shayna Weiss-Perea’s old Room and What happened to Tracy Ehlinger

RESPONSE: As was discussed during the budget deliberations, there are not enough students in grade 3 at Glen-Worden to justify two teachers. There are currently 25 students in that class. There are no class size regulations; S-G follows our own guidelines, which call for 24 (plus or minus 2 students) students in grade 3. We are confident that Mr. Lippiello will be able to handle 25 students. Mrs. Weiss-Perea’s classroom will sit vacant this year though it may be used occasionally for one-on-one student instruction when needed. Mrs. Ehlinger is out on a leave this year.

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