WEB mentors develop student resilience

Checking in on the new peer mentorship program, Where Everybody Belongs (WEB)

11 students sitting together at a lunch tableEighth grade mentors are taking time to connect with sixth graders before the holiday break. They joined them for lunch last week to touch base on how things have been going as middle school students. The leaders also had some fun together during rec by playing games like air hockey, foosball, four square, ping pong, and more.

WEB coordinator Dianna Rumpf said, “Our goal was to have the leaders reconnect with the 6th graders not only to check-in but to remind them that they can go to a WEB Leader at any time if they have questions about middle school or need guidance. Some of our quieter 8th grade leaders did an awesome job stepping out of their comfort zone and joining the 6th graders – we are so proud to watch as the leaders continue to develop their leadership skills throughout these WEB activities!”
students playing foosball

one student with ball in hand getting ready to throw towards many students scattered