Sacandaga visionaries have no shortage of imagination

student smiling with her invention which includes a mannequinMrs. Hotaling’s 5th grade class were absolutely beaming with pride as they presented their Genius Hour masterpieces at an open house for their friends and families. These young innovators had spent weeks working on their projects, pouring their hearts into every detail. 

At Sacandaga, Genius Hour is a time given once a week for students to explore their passions and creativity. The students began by brainstorming about topics that they were interested in. After they had settled on their ideas, the students meticulously planned the steps and materials needed to bring their vision to life. “As a result of this experience, our students learned many valuable lessons. They learned how to plan and prepare for a task, how to manage their time effectively, and most importantly, how to tap into their own boundless creativity,” said Principal Federico. It was hard work, to be sure, but these young visionaries had a blast every step of the way. And who knows what incredible ideas they’ll come up with next?

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student behind a laptop at a desk with other students talking to herstudent sitting with project about foxes wearing fox ears