Odyssey of the Mind parent information night

WHEN: Tuesday, September 26 at 6 p.m.
WHERE: Scotia-Glenville Middle School Cafeteria

QUESTION: Can a team of 5-7 students design, build and run a vehicle that will use mouse traps as their only source of energy? Can they create a performance that brings famous works of art to life? Can students design a folding structure using only balsa wood and glue that will bear weight?
ANSWER: Oh YES they can!

Odyssey of the Mind is a program for students in grade K-12 that provides them with an exciting learning experience which promises to be both challenging and fun!

The best part? This is hands-ON for the kids, and hands-OFF for the adults!
It’s 100% kid-created!


  • Learn to think “outside of the box”
  • Develop team-building skills
  • Teach students new hands-on skills (painting, sewing, building, etc.)
  • Write outlines and scripts
  • Learn how to work within a budget
  • Understand the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling

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