Important information about prom

Tomorrow, Friday, May 12 will be a half day of school for all high school students

School will be in session through 5th period

  • 5th period lunches will be served on Friday and students with 5th period lunch are expected to attend lunch in the cafeterias unless they have senior privileges.
  • Students will not be allowed to attend the prom if they are not in homeroom or leave school early.
  • Any notes/excuses for dismissal on this day must be legal in order for a student to attend the prom that evening.

Please note this additional announcement regarding items carried into the Prom

After substantial discussion among students, parents and administration, the final decision is as follows: SGHS strongly recommends that students avoid any carry-in items such as bags, packs, or purses for both safety reasons and efficiency at check-in. In the event that a student chooses to carry an item into the prom that item will be subject to search at the door by a school administrator and/or school resource officer. Please note, this could potentially delay entry into the event.