FREE MEAL WEEKS: start with breakfast for every student April 17-21

Parents and guardians, let us take one thing off your to-do list next week. We will be providing free breakfast to all of our students when they come back from spring recess from April 17-21. The following week, from April 24-28, you won’t have to pack a lunch or even pay for it because the district will be providing free lunch. This invitation goes out to all of our students.

Redeeming free meals during the weeks listed below will save you money and time; there is NO cost to Scotia-Glenville students.

The district encourages all students to take advantage of our free, nutritious school breakfast and lunch weeks listed below. 

  • Free breakfast: April 17-21
  • Free lunch: April 24-28
  • Free breakfast and lunch: May 8-12
  • Free lunch: June 5-9
  • Free breakfast: June 12-16

free meal week poster with sandwich, grapes and bananas