2023-24 Code of Conduct

Going into the new school year, we have board-approved revisions to our Code of Conduct policies. The district conducts an annual review of our policies to make sure we are in compliance with regulations and to make amendments when necessary. Staff, students, and parents provided input.

The Code of Conduct is developed so students, parents, and guardians understand the rules and procedures that everyone will be expected to follow. Teachers, principals, bus drivers and other adults at school will be helping to implement these rules. Having the support from families is appreciated. For questions, please reach out to your building principal. 

Please view the following policies: 

2023-24 Athletic Code of Conduct (approved at BOE meeting July 24)

2023-24 High School Code of Conduct (approved at public hearing August 14)

2023-24 Elementary Schools Code of Conduct (approved at public hearing August 14)

2023-24 Middle School Code of Conduct (approved with no changes from last year at public hearing August 14)