Winning Odyssey of the Mind T-shirt design

First time OOTM student designs signature T-shirt

Avery Ducharme, a fourth-grade student from Lincoln Elementary School created the winning T-shirt design for the Scotia-Glenville 2024 Odyssey of the Mind teams.

Every year we do an OOTM T-shirt design contest which gives the students yet another opportunity to be creative,” said Scotia-Glenville OOTM Coordinator Amanda Shults. “We switched it up this year and let only the kids vote. They really enjoyed having a say, especially the younger ones!”

This was the first year Avery decided to participate in OOTM and she said it was the first time she had won anything. When Avery learned a contest was being held for a T-shirt design, she was hoping to capture the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind in her artwork. To her great excitement, Avery’s design was chosen as the winning entry. “It felt good to win,” she said.

Avery enjoys bonding and spending time with friends and has found OOTM to be a great outlet for that. She is particularly excited about the segment of the competition where she has to deliver her lines. With her T-shirt as a badge of honor, Avery is on track to do great things in this year’s Odyssey of the Mind competition!

drawing for 2024 Odyssey of the Mind with three students cheering each other on