Students inspire a more equitable environment

student holding a basketball is greeted by students on both sides of where he is standing.

A group of Scotia-Glenville sixth graders returned to their elementary school this week and were greeted with cheers from enthusiastic students, staff and administrators that were spread out across the new ADA compliant walkway at Glendaal. 

“I am so proud of our 2022-23 student council members who worked so hard to make this project a reality for our school,“ said Principal Tom Eagan. “Their idea of creating an ADA accessible path so that all students and community members can have access to our basketball courts and fields took thoughtful planning, research and communication,” he said.

two women share a pair of large scissors to cut a ribbon with cheering students and administrators around them
Superintendent Susan Swartz, Business Manager Andrew Giaquinto, Student Council Advisors: Melissa Clark, and Gina Brown, Principal Tom Eagan and Board of Education President Hal Talbot celebrating the completion of the ADA accessible walkway at Glendaal with the students who came up with the plan.

Last year, as fifth grade student council members, they went to their advisors Ms. Gina Brown and Melissa Clark with a proposal that would provide greater accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges including those in wheelchairs and the SG maintenance crew that care for the school grounds.

two women standing outside with their arms around each other while each holding a basketball with their other hand
Melissa Clark and Gina Brown, Glendaal Student Council Advisors

Glendaal Student Council Advisor Gina Brown said, “Our Glendaal Student Council works to have our 5th grade Cardinals become the leaders of our school. The example they set for the rest of the students is one of kindness, inclusivity, and hard work. The ADA path to our basketball courts sends a message of affirmation to all of our students—when you have an idea, share it!”

girl in fron high fives other students and others in line all do the same thing


“These students worked side by side with our school administration, Buildings and Grounds Department, and architects to create a path that met all ADA regulations prior to construction,” said Principal Eagan. “They gained a lot of knowledge during this process and now understand that if you believe in something and you want to help others you can make anything happen,” he said. 

Superintendent Susan Swartz presented the students with certificates and said, “Witnessing the passion and diligence that young people exhibit is truly inspiring and demonstrates how they can make a significant impact in the world.”

students hold up their certificates and other students hold their hands high