Students in quarantine

COMMENT: What is the plan for quarantined elementary school students who are exposed at school?  Will they be receiving online instruction (as was done last year) or will they be expected to complete work on their own?  If on their own, what is the plan for the days of missed instruction to be sure that they are able to return to school and not be behind?

RESPONSE: Elementary students who are exposed at school will receive work (focused on ELA Math) through their teacher’s Google Classroom. The district will provide a certified teacher for one hour per day to support students in completing the work provided by the classroom teacher. If an entire class goes out on quarantine, the classroom teacher will meet with the entire class.

Secondary students can also follow the class on Google Classroom. Parents can request homework be sent to the office and picked up. Students can also sign up for tutoring after school upon their return, if they feel they need that.

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