Student art showcased at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

Win, Place, Show is an annual equine-themed student art exhibition located at the Saratoga museum’s von Stade Gallery. The show will run from March 4 through April 2.

There will be an opening reception for artists and their families on Sunday, March 5 at 10:30 a.m. The beautiful artwork from the following elementary students will be displayed in the Grades 3-7 category.


Aleesha Barry, grade 5

painting of a horse standing in tall grass with a partial sun peeking out of fluffy clouds in the sky





Adeline DiCesare, grade 5

a painting of the head and neck of a brown horse with black hair wearing a bridle in its mouth







Reegan Keating, grade 5

a pencil drawing of a horses face in the foreground and a barn in the background


Isabella Cook, grade 5

racehorse wearing green and the number 5 standing on a track with a field in the background with grass, flowers, other horses and a trainer







Hannah Wade, grade 5

A brown horse with gray hair running in grass wearing an orange mask and purple saddle. The sky is made of pinks and yellows and clouds and has both a moon and a sun


Kaylie Bekkering, grade 3

A brown mother horse and baby horse with a distinct white stripe down her nose. There are black mountains in the background with an orange sky that turns yellow as it nears the mountain.


Chase Leduc, grade 4

A horse prancing with its front legs up and hair blowing in the wind sketched with a white pencil on black paper. Snow is falling and there are pointy mountains in the shape of a triangle



Hartley Rosa, grade 3

a closeup of a horses face in white and grays and behind it are colors that start with red on top that blends to orange and then yellow and fades from light green to dark green