SRO educates middle schoolers on good character and internet safety

Officer A, Scotia-Glenville’s School Resource Officer (SRO), conducted an assembly at the middle school for all three grade levels separately. The assembly aimed to educate students on good character, internet safety, and cyberbullying. “I was so impressed with the participation from the middle schoolers during these assemblies,” said Officer A. 

Students had the chance to ask questions and were encouraged to be ‘upstanders’ instead of ‘bystanders’ if they ever find themselves in a bullying situation. The SRO stressed the importance of being “buddies, not bullies” and shared some interesting facts about internet safety.

seven students stand with SRO at assemblyPrincipal Bob Cosmer expressed gratitude for Officer A’s valuable contribution to the students’ safety and well-being. “Many thanks to Bob for inviting me to be a presenter again this year,” said Officer A. “We had a few laughs, enjoyed some fun facts about internet safety, and some of them even stuck around long enough to pose for a quick pic with me at the end of the assembly!”