SPAC’s Festival of Young Artists

Sunday, June 4 from 2:00-5:30 p.m.

The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) will host a festival of student pop-up performances, fine art displays, food stands, poetry slams, workshops, and activities.  Many young artists gather to present a concert on SPAC’s main stage, featuring large-scale productions that combine visual art, music, poetry, and dance. Admission is free. If you prefer, you can order tickets in advance through SPAC’s website.

The following students have artwork in SPAC’s Festival of Young Artists.

(Click the link on each students name to reveal their artwork.)

Led by Music Director Jessica Crisci, The Harmonettes, Tartones and Choralaires will be performing at the festival. 

Student musicians: Dezirae Austin, Samantha Baccari, Ellie Barbolt, Meaghan Baxter, Jasper Berman, Cameron Breslin, Kyra Burris, Anabella Candida, Ava Card, Jace Caterina, Angelysse Clark, Kasey Clark, Austin Claus, Hailey Cooper, Luke D’Angelo, Emery D’ Arcy, Maddison Freihofer, Ryan Freihofer, Olympia Frisoni, Manny Funderburg-Horan, Isaac Furnish, Annie Gibson, Kimmy Gross, Emily Heiner, Grace Heiner, Kassidy Herold, Madeline Herron, Eduardo Imbert, Ryan Jester, Henry Jones, Eli Kalinowski, Kaya Kinney, Grayson Klevgard, Sadie Krogh, Brianna Kuon, Lillian Liberatore, Michael MacIntosh, Audrey MacNeil, Ashley Manocchi, Sam Martin, Ayla Massaro, Makai McClinton, Ella Merenberg, Wyatt Miller, Sophia Morrison, Ryan Murtagh, Anna Muscatiello, Logan Nilsen, Bryan Reed, Aiden O’Rourke, Claudia Peterson, Emma Riegel, Emily Robar, Isaiah Rojas, Benjamin Schallert-Jones. Abigayle Snyder, Ava Spring, Abigail Taylor, William Thiessen, Alex Warner, and Jessica Werther.

students standing in a line all wearing black and red flannel shirts
The Tartones