HS Clubs and Activities

Become involved at the High School!

The following activities are open to any students at the high school:

  • Art Club

A group of students interested in working on their own interests in art, entering contests, inviting speakers.

Purpose: To do art activities outside of the art class setting.

Meetings: Weekly after school. Membership: No prerequisites. Students can join throughout the year.

  • Brothers And Sisters In Christ (BASIC)

October 2020: We are now meeting jointly every Wednesday virtually in a google classroom from 2:30-3:00 pm . Students need to sign up with Susan Bandy (sbandy@sgcsd.net) so she has the student’s email and can invite him or her into the classroom.  Students should send her an email with their name and email address or stop by room B-07 where there is a paper sign-up sheet right outside the door.

Provides an opportunity for students to know God on any Level.

Membership: Open to all students.

Activities: Weekly prayer meetings and other fun activities.

Meetings: TBA.


  • Café Physics

A core group of 15 student often bring friends to join the group and play a board game or two. We host a Wits and Wagers game before Christmas break every year.
Former club members are encouraged to attend and make teams to compete for yearly bragging rights. The winning team names are displayed in the classroom for the remainder of the year. At this event, we often have about 40-50 students and former students attend.

Meetings: Every Friday afternoon from 2:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Membership: TBD.

  • Chamber Orchestra

Provides an opportunity for students to grow musically and offers advanced orchestra experience for serious string students.

Meetings: Rehearsals are held Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Membership: An audition is required.

  • Distributive Education Clubs Of America (DECA)

Interested in marketing, management or other business related fields? Participate in business related competition, fundraise and provide community service.

Purpose: To promote business skills, provide opportunities to compete with students at other schools.

Membership: Must be enrolled in or have previously taken at least one business class. Must join in the fall.

  • Drama Club

Students in drama club work in all capacities to ensure that the theatrical productions at the high school are successful. A fall play is a Drama Club favorite and many members are involved in the spring musical production.

Meetings: One or two times per month; practices daily during productions.

Membership: Members must have interest in the dramatic arts. Students may join throughout the year.

  • Family Career And Community Leaders Of America (FCCLA)

Is a nationally affiliated youth leadership organization which focuses on the family. Members choose projects and participate in many activities. Career preparation and scholarship programs are also available. Purpose: To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer science programs.

Meetings: Once a week after school.

Membership: Members must have taken at least one family and consumer science course. (Home & Careers Skills in grades 7 & 8 meets this requirement.) Students can join throughout the year.

  • French Club

Students plan and organize a series of activities to enhance their knowledge of the French language and culture. Activities include: Café Noel, Café Mardi Gras, French Movie Night, and Spring Dinner at a French restaurant.

Meetings: Twice a month after school.

Membership: Anyone with an interest in the French language or culture. Students do not need to be enrolled in a French class to join.


  • Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA)

The club is made up of students interested in pursuing careers in business related fields, grades 9-12, and in gaining experience and leadership in the area of business.

Purpose: To gain business and leadership experience; to compete in course related competitions at regional and state levels; to provide community service and to fundraise for our activities.

Meetings: 1 to 2 per month after school.

Membership: Students should be enrolled in, or have previously taken, a business course or related class. Students may join in the fall through mid-December.

  • German Club

Students are matched with a counterpart in Germany. Students organize activities for the visit of their German guest and prepare for their own two-week stay abroad.

Purpose: To give S-G students the opportunity to experience life in Germany and make friends with students from a different culture.

Meetings: Varies – After school and evenings.

  • Girls on the Run

  • GIVE… Building Community Through Service

A student-run service-learning program in which students perform volunteer service and attend classes to help them reflect on that service. Students participate in programs that address the needs of the handicapped, the elderly, the poor, animals, and the environment.

Purpose: To make a positive difference in the school and community; and promote responsibility and leadership.

Meetings: Vary depending on the volunteer activity.
Minimum of 5 service hours and 3 reflection credits are required per quarter.

Membership: Complete a GIVE application and sign up for the programs you are interested in.


  • JAZZ Ensemble/Band

Is a musical performing group consisting of approximately 20 members. The group explores various styles of music (jazz, swing, rock, etc.) using a traditional “big band” sound and instrumentation.

Meetings: One evening per week.

Membership: Students need the approval of the director.
Auditions will be held if necessary.

  • National English Honor Society 


  • National Honor Society (NHS)

Is an organization that recognizes and encourages students to excel in academics leadership, service and character. Through chapter service activities, members maintain and extend those qualities that qualified them for selection.

Purpose: To provide enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; and to develop character in the students.

Meetings: One per month after school.

Membership: Students submit resume packets in January of their Junior year for consideration of membership for an early spring induction.

Scotia-Glenville National Honor Society Requirements for Membership


  • Pride Club

Students, entailing LGBT and allies, will have a safe place to meet, ask questions and give and receive helpful advice as well a support.

Purpose: With our Pride Club, we hope to raise awareness and tolerance, reducing ignorance and bullying. We hope to provide beneficial advice in the area of “coming out” as well as expressing your views on the topic of LGBT and community in a manner that is non-harmful to others.

Meetings: Once a week.

  • Ski & Snowboard Club

We organize several trips to nearby ski resorts for discounted group rates and coach bus transportation.

Meetings: Will be announced during homeroom as winter approaches.

Membership: Open to beginners and experts. Rentals and lessons are also available.

  • Spanish Club

Students plan and organize a series of activities to enhance their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

Meetings: Once or twice per month after school.

Membership: Anyone with an interest in the Spanish language or culture. Students do not need to be enrolled in a Spanish class to join.


  • Sports Activities

    Interscholastic Sports… Scotia-Glenville High School has a wide variety of sports teams for both boys and girls.
    B = boys      G = girls      JV = junior varsity      V = varsity      M = modified

Fall Sports:

  • Cheerleading (G): V
  • Cross Country (B & G): M, V
  • Field Hockey (G): M, JV, V
  • Football (B): M, JV, V
  • Golf (B & G): V
  • Soccer (B & G): M, JV, V
  • Swimming (G): V
  • Tennis (G): V
  • Volleyball (B & G): M, JV, V

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (B & G): M, JV, V
  • Bowling (B & G): V
  • Cheerleading (G): V
  • Ice Hockey (B): V
  • Indoor Track (B & G): V
  • Nordic Skiing (B & G): M, V
  • Unified Bowling (B & G): V
  • Wrestling (B): M, JV, V

Spring Sports

  • Baseball (B): M, JV, V
  • Lacrosse (B & G): M, JV, V
  • Softball (G): M, JV, V
  • Tennis (B): M, V
  • Track & Field (B & G): M, JV, V
  • Unified Basketball (B & G): V

For additional information, contact Mr. Jamian Rockhill, Athletic Director, at (518) 347-3600, ext. 61127; also reference Parents’ Handbook for sports physicals and Physical Education policies.


  • Student Senate

Is the elected body of student leaders in the high school. Members of the Student Senate represent students as their vehicle of communication with the administrators and the Board of Education. The senate runs Spirit Week activities, organizes a fall and spring dinner with the Board of Education, is represented on the SDM team and works closely with teachers and administrators.

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Is a youth-run organization that promotes positive decision-making. The Scotia-Glenville SADD Chapter received the distinction of being awarded New York State SADD Chapter of the Year for 2004-05. Purpose: Works to educate the school and community about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and expresses a need for traffic and bicycle safety. SADD participates in a number of school and community events to relay this message.

Membership: Students who have an interest in their school and  community. Students may join throughout the year.

  • Tartan Band

  • Tartan Mart


  • Tartones

Is a select all-male singing ensemble that provides students with an opportunity for an enriched men’s choir experience.

Meetings: Meet for 45 minutes weekly

Membership: Students must audition in the beginning of the year. Open to men in grades 9-12.


  • Tri-M Music Honor Society

This organization is an honor society for music students and is a program of the National Association for Music Education.

Purpose: To inspire music participation and to advocate for music in our schools. Meetings: Meet 1 evening per month.

Membership: Music students submit application for membership. Selection is based on music participation, scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Selection is made at the end of the school year and an induction ceremony for new members is held in the fall.

  • Varsity Club

This club is for athletes who have achieved varsity status. Purpose: To promote athletics and provide leadership to the program.

Meetings: One per month usually before school.

Membership: Members must have achieved a varsity letter. Students may only join in the fall.

  • Yearbook (Acropolis)

Responsible for production of yearbook – layout, design, pictures, editing, etc. Purpose: To present a vivid picture of student and community life at SGHS.

Meetings: At least 3 per week after school.

Membership: Students must be computer literate, have journalism background, have an outgoing personality and like to take charge, or just want to help organize layouts, etc. Students may join throughout the year.