District will move to new communication platform, ParentSquare, this summer

Scotia-Glenville Central School District will introduce a new communication system, ParentSquare, for the 2023-24 year. ParentSquare is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance school-to-home communication and will replace Blackboard Connect, starting this summer.

ParentSquare has been specifically chosen to streamline district communication processes, ensuring that families are consistently informed and actively engaged in their child’s education. The platform provides a secure environment for school principals, teachers, staff and parents/guardians to exchange information, collaborate and participate in school activities.

Families are automatically added to ParentSquare through the district’s student management system and will receive all messages from the school or district even if they have not registered their account. However, parents/guardians are encouraged to register their account to participate in two-way communication features, which are outlined below.

Parent/guardian invitations to “join” ParentSquare will be sent on Monday, June 12, but you can also get started by watching the Parents – Getting Started video. Please keep in mind that not all features may be immediately available, but the district is continuously working to optimize the platform and offer the best experience possible.

Once you join ParentSquare, you can view the “Help & Support” section, accessible via the question mark icon next to your name in the top right corner of the ParentSquare webpage. This valuable resource contains answers to frequently asked questions and offers guidance on utilizing the platform effectively.

To get the most out of ParentSquare after joining, be sure to download the ParentSquare app from your phone’s app store (iOS & Android).

Here are some key ParentSquare features:

Seamless information exchange: ParentSquare allows our schools to send district-wide, school-specific, and even class-specific information to parents and families.  Essential updates are received via email, voice, text and app notifications.

Media sharing: Your child’s school can now easily and securely share pictures and files with the school community through ParentSquare. This feature enables us to celebrate achievements, share important documents, and create a sense of unity.

Calendar integration: ParentSquare integrates the school calendar, providing you with quick access to important dates, events, and deadlines. You’ll never miss an important school activity or deadline again!

Volunteer sign-ups: ParentSquare simplifies the process of signing up for volunteer opportunities. With just a few clicks, you can offer your support and get involved in various school initiatives.

And much more: ParentSquare offers a wide range of additional features and capabilities, all conveniently accessible from one centralized location. We encourage you to explore the platform and discover its full potential.

Look for a new ParentSquare page on the district’s website in summer 2023.