Questions about bus drivers and new staff members

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1. How come some drivers won’t let some students off the bus if nobody’s home? but other’s do get off. I’ve seen drivers wait until the child goes inside to depart and some just leave.
2. Is there going to be a list of bus numbers drivers first and last names what schools, and the aides first and last names and if it’s a big or small bus and if It’s handicapped or if it’s a spare bus and what year the bus is.
3. Is there going to be an announcement on the district website saying what occupation, school, and first and last name for the new staff members and there portrait at the 4 elementary schools (Glendaal, Glen-Worden, Lincoln, Sacandaga) the Middle and High School, The district office and transportation department bus drivers and aides.


  1. Each driver makes the determination about whether to wait or not for a child to enter their house. In many cases, the drivers are very familiar with the family dynamic and know that, with the younger students, that somebody is home for them. If the driver is less familiar with the family, he or she will wait for the child to enter the house.
  2. As for numbers 2 and 3, we have never released portraits or information about new staff members or bus drivers and won’t be doing that this year. The hiring process is very busy in the summer and, oftentimes, new staff members are not hired until just before the start of school.
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