Q & A for EV Infrastructure RFP

District seeks contractors for electric vehicle supply equipment, charging infrastructure and related services for future electric school buses

When the Scotia-Glenville School District opened up the competitive process for EV Infrastructure, they announced School Business Manager Andrew Giaquinto was accepting questions from contractors and would post the answers on the district website. Click link for reference.

The questions and answers are listed below.

Question 1: The Electric Busses typically can only accept 480V (aka: DCFC chargers), level 2 chargers are not 480V and instead run on 120/208V or 240V. Are you looking for level 2 chargers to be included in this quote/scope with that said? The bid called for no level 1, but leaves level 2 open. I am going to assume that we will not want/need level 2 chargers here. We will plan to provide “written certification from the bus OEM or representative dealership that the charger is compatible with the vehicle”. Will the school provide this contact, or would you like us to include the contact and written certification?

Answer 1: Yes, we are looking for an appropriate number of Level 2 and Level 3 chargers to be included in this quote.  Please provide the OEM certification and point of contact to demonstrate your due diligence and to confirm that the infrastructure will be compatible with any buses selected by the District.

Question 2: The bid is a little unclear on whether or not you want the physical busses included in the bid. Are you looking purely for chargers and infrastructure or are you looking for support on purchasing the busses as well?

Answer 2: The District is not looking for support on purchasing the buses.

Question 3: How many runs do the busses take each day? How long are they sitting between runs? Avg miles, etc. This all will help shape the size/power needed for the DCFC’s.

Answer 3: Please see this chart.

Question 4: We were told 5 busses will be electric by roughly 2025. Do you want the infrastructure to support all 40-50 busses electric or just the 5 current busses? Typically for schools, we have been installing the power for the future (full electric fleet) but just enough plugs for the current phase.

Answer 4: As set forth in section 3.3.1, we want to have an incremental and fully completed charging and EVSE infrastructure plan in place.