Program teaches strategies for effective conflict resolution

Scotia-Glenville CSD is dedicated to providing students with a safe and inclusive learning environment. Recently, Glen-Worden Elementary arranged for an interactive anti-bullying program called Box Out Bullying to educate their students about the importance of empathy and conflict resolution. The program’s actors performed in a silly and entertaining way that captured the students’ attention and had them come up to participate in their skits. 

kids moving words around on a whiteboard while one adult watches them and another adult holds a microphoneThere were different sessions for students in different grades. For grades K-2, they explored the differences between telling vs. tattling, showing empathy, how being friendly is very different than being a friend, the difference between kid-sized problems and adult-sized problems, and why it’s important to tell a trusted adult if someone is in need. For students in grades 3-5, the program delved deeper into the complexities of bullying, emphasizing the crucial distinction between bullying and conflict. By fostering critical thinking and empathy, students were encouraged to actively contribute to a respectful and inclusive school environment. 

Principal Nick Criscone was thrilled with the program and its impact on the students. He said, “Box Out Bullying was a great way to educate our students about the importance of empathy and conflict resolution. The interactive program engaged the students and gave them practical tools to navigate complex social situations.”