K-8 art exhibit at the Empire State Plaza

On display through Friday, March 22

Ella Daley, inspired by Raymond Parker

Congratulations to the following students with artwork showcased at the 15th annual K-8 Empire State Plaza Art Collection Exhibit. Their art is exhibited in the South Concourse of the Empire State Plaza, closest to the Madison Avenue entrance.

This year more than 1,100 works of art from 16 Capital Region school districts are displayed. The exhibit is in conjunction with the National Youth Art Month and is sponsored by the NYS Office of General Services, the Capital Area Art Supervisors, and the New York State Art Teachers’ Association. There will be a reception on Wednesday, March 6 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the South Concourse. Artist Rae’ Frasier will be the guest speaker.

The student art is inspired by the Empire State Art Plaza Collection which is an assemblage of 92 Abstract Expressionist art displayed both in and around the Plaza. Students were motivated by the works of Lee Bontecue, James Brooks, Bob Duran, Helen Frankenthaler, Fritz Glarner, Grace Hartigan, Al Held, Alfred Jensen, Franz Kline, Raymond Parker, Conrad Marca-Relli, Mark Rothko, Edwin Ruda, Jim Sullivan, and William T. Williams.

If a student’s name has a link, click it to see their artwork.

Glendaal- art teacher Jessica Macherone

Theo Ambesi, Gr. 1

Zoe Dutelle, Gr. 4

Ayla Koreman, Gr. K

Lillian Lucier, Gr. 1

Caitlin Mercy, Gr. 3

Adalynd Nethaway, Gr. 3

Declan Nilsen, Gr. K

Hannah Pangburn, 2

Maria Perretta, GR. 5

Kennedy Rush, Gr. 4

Sadie  Schreiner, Gr. K

Glen-Worden- art teacher Jessica Macherone

Jenna Baran, Gr. 5

Avery Borrell, Gr. 2

Lawrence Chung, Gr. 2

Tanner Compton, Gr. K

Owen Eats, Gr. 4

Charles Eckes, Gr. 1

Kaelyn Falace-Rahm, Gr. 3

Dylan Kempeny, 1

Begnon LaBrew-Kone, Gr. 5

Edmund Perkins, Gr. K

Payton Roman, Gr. 3

Avery Tagliaferro, Gr. 4

Lincoln- art teacher Jessica Macherone

Gabriel Braungard, Gr. 4

Alice Cummings, Gr. 1

Jordan Dutson, Gr. 1

Gianna Gatta, Gr. 4

Adelina Lather, Gr. 5

Madison McIntyre, Gr. 4

Chloe-Anne Meier, Gr. 4

Aurora Michelen, Gr. 4

Mariella Nichols, Gr. 1

Luna Parker, Gr. 1

Henry Rowe, Gr. 1

Olivia Schumacher, Gr. 5

Sacandaga- art teacher Leslie Nuzzo

Elizabeth Carson, Gr. 5

Ella Daley, Gr. 2

Rory Daley, Gr. K

Sofia Gabree, Gr. 3

Elijah Grimm Henze, Gr. 5

Caroline Horan, Gr. 3

Oliver MacFarland, Gr. K

Aria O’Brien, Gr. 2

Phoebe Oakes, Gr. 4

Emily Piazza, Gr. 3

James Smigelski, Gr. 1

Jack Stammer, Gr. 3

Bowden Stryjek, Gr. 1

Paige  Tooker, Gr. 4

Scotia-Glenville MS- art teacher Kristin Bodden

Adelyn Cowdrey, Gr. 8

David deAprix, Gr. 8

Emily  Falco, Gr. 8

Chloe Farnan, Gr. 8

Annabelle Keating, Gr. 8

Maximus Mauceri, Gr. 8

Lilyana Palumbo, Gr. 8

Zoe West, Gr. 8