A personal letter MUST accompany every scholarship to which you are applying. You may also be required to submit an essay or specific letter. Please check scholarship details.

  • You may address the letter “Dear Scholarship Committee”.
  • You may write your letter one of three ways:
  1. You may write one generic letter that will be copied for all the scholarships to which you apply.
  2. You may address letters to individual scholarships applied for. You may also submit a generic letter for the remaining scholarships.
  3. You may address individual letters to each individual scholarship.
  • Be sure to sign each of the letters you write.
  • You should include in your letter:
  1. Information about yourself.
  2. Your future plans or goals.
  3. How the scholarship will help you achieve your plans or goals.
  4. Specific information that some of the scholarships are requesting.
  5. Some scholarships may ask your parent to attest to the letter by signing it. Please have your parent sign your letter, if applicable.
  6. Make sure you read the paragraph for each individual scholarship. Some scholarships request specific information.

NOTE – You will need at least one letter of recommendation. Some scholarships require two or three letters. Make sure you check each scholarship to see how many you will need.

Check with guidance in advance to be certain there are letters on file which can be used for scholarships. Guidance has a list of the letters submitted through Naviance.

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