How PE class can increase road safety

Two PE teachers standing to the left and the right of two police officers in uniform at a gymnasium
Ron Ashcraft, Katelyn Aker, Officer Tyler Paluba, Sergeant Mark Agostino, Bob Leto, Jamian Rockhill

This week at SGHS, law enforcement shared the connection between Driver Education and Physical Education with students. Sergeant Mark Agostino and Officer Tyler Paluba visited the high school for two days to have the opportunity to speak with all gym classes about traffic safety.

Students gained an understanding of how the skills learned in PE class such as reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and ready position can help keep them safe and more successful in their daily lives. “Scotia-Glenville Central School District would like to extend our gratitude to the Glenville Police Department, and in particular, Officer Paluba and Sergeant Agostino, for their valuable time and unwavering commitment to this wonderful partnership,” said Jamian Rockhill, SG Physical Education and Athletic Director.

Officer standing on gym floor speaking with students sitting on bleachers