Horse Sense

student hugging a white horse's head
Equine Education

Middle School teacher Ms. Marquis led a third student field trip to Pine Crest Stables in Broadalbin for some equine therapy. It was a great opportunity for students to learn how different positions affect horseback riding and proper grooming techniques. On the drive back to school, Ms. Ayers asked the students what they enjoyed most about the day.  This is what they had to say.

“I was really scared to even get near them, but as soon as I started brushing them, I felt better. They were friendly and cute.”

“When we had to post on the horse, that was so much fun. He was trotting and I was doing a great job.”

“In the end, I was really afraid to feed the horse some treats and peppermints, but his nose tickled my hand, and he loved it! I really hope I get to go again next year. Two thumbs up!”

“I laughed when Mr. Cosmer got on the horse and I was proud of my teachers for riding the horses too!”

“Kong and Cloud are the nicest horses ever. Ms. Marquis has some great horses!”

in a barn, a white horse is surrounded by smiling students and adults