Glendaal’s winning pumpkins

In the second year Glendaal has run this literary pumpkin contest, 76 students participated. For students in grades K-2, it’s a family pumpkin that is created, but for grades 3-5, students work independently on their creation. The winners were chosen by staff, but there’s an added bonus for students to choose in a separate category at the Fall Festival. Check out all of the entries in our album on Facebook and Instagram reels.

This year’s winners are:


1st place: Reagan Marchand for The Good Egg
2nd place: Lizzie Schreffler for Splat the Cat
3rd place: Gino Puglisi for Coraline

Gr. 3-5

1st place: Lou Cicchetti for Harry Potter
2nd place: Ashlyn Wanmer for Wings of Fire
3rd place: Caroline Grainer for I Survived (Tsunami)

Student Choice Award:

1st place: Gracie Schinnerer for A Wolf Called Wander
2nd Place: Penny Newfrock for Bailey’s Story
3rd Place: Liam McDonald for Wimpy Kid