Glendaal hatched a plan for an egg-cellent Kids Heart Challenge

student smashes egg on teachers headLike giving back, laughter is a good way to take care of your heart. Mr. Schreiner wasn’t yolking around when he put a shell-arious offer on the table for the Kids Heart Challenge fundraising goals. Nineteen students brought in more than $250, and earned the opportunity to smash two eggs over his head. 

The Glendaal Cardinals raised more than $11,000 for the Kids Heart Challenge, which is a fundraiser held in schools across the country for the American Heart Association. “This is the second highest that the school has raised for the American Heart Association,” said Physical Education Teacher Sean Schreiner. “Since 2008, we have been raising money and doing different Kids Heart Challenge activities that have to do with keeping our hearts healthy,” he said. 

student screams as she cracks egg on teacher's headIn addition, 29 students completed Finn’s Mission where they learned hands-only CPR. “The hope is that the whole family learns how to do it in case of an emergency,” Mr. Schreiner said. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, egg-specially these students who smashed the 2024 Kids Heart Challenge.

  • Alex Viall
  • Carly Beers
  • Chase Alton
  • Christian Cristello
  • Dezmond Cooper
  • Ella Buzzo
  • Finely Madigan
  • Grace Schrinnerer
  • Kase Wiltstudents standing in line in the gym
  • Keegan Wilt
  • Leah Klejsymt
  • Matthew Spencer
  • Mile Zabinski
  • Naomi Faulkner
  • Nora Loiacono
  • Penny Newfrock
  • Ryan Luker
  • Ryker Kilmartin
  • Sofia Demarco