Capital project moving forward; BOE needs to trim proposal

Superintendent Susan Swartz continued the discussion of a potential capital project last night to the Board of Education and showed an outline that she admits was about $10 million more than the district should consider on May 16.

Here’s the presentation she made at the meeting. The plan, which reflects what the BOE had been discussing for the past few months, now totals $25.8 million.

The plan showed spending $1.84 million to upgrade the two auditoriums, $2.475 million for the fields upgrade (including one synthetic field), $3.97 million to rehabilitate the high school lockers and $17.5 million to replace all six roofs.

BOE members asked that she prioritize the roof work and eliminate the high school locker part of the project.

Swartz said she hopes to bring a formal proposal for the board to accept in November to schedule the May 16 vote.

Here is the presentation that Superintendent Susan Swartz presented to the Board of Education this evening about a potential capital project proposal vote on May 16:

Tonight’s Goals:

  1. Review items for a possible proposition based on prior BOE
  2. Determine next steps.


  • High School – Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3
  • Middle School
  • Glendaal
  • Glen – Worden
  • Lincoln
  • Sacandaga
    Total Cost: $17,502,102


  • MS / HS Auditoriums
  • MS / HS Audio Visual / Audio Systems
  • MS / HS Theatrical Lighting
  • HS Toilet Rooms / Vestibule
    Total Cost: $1,838,458


  • Field 1a: Main Field Turf
  • Field 1b: Practice Field
  • Field 2: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, PE
  • Field 3a: Varsity Baseball, Soccer, Practice
  • Field 3b: Practice
    Total Cost: $2,475,990

High School Locker Rooms:

  • Current locker rooms fully demolished
  • New floors, ceilings, some walls, lockers, team rooms, toilets and sinks
    Total Cost: $3,964,268

Total Four Areas:

  • Roofs: $17,502,102
  • MS / HS Auditoriums: $ 1,838,458
  • Fields: $ 2,475,990
  • Locker Rooms: $ 3,964,268
    Total Cost: $25,780,817

Discussion Questions


How large a proposition are you comfortable bringing to our community?


Which items are non-negotiable?

Other Thoughts

Is there any other information you need to move forward?