Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, and Report Cards

COMMENT: 1. Do Schools have access to staff and students’ birth certificates and social security numbers. If yes here’s a scenario. a student wanted to know all 9 digits of their Social Security Number XXX-XX-XXXX, Their parents won’t tell them their social security number or date of birth they wanted to know would the school give it to them. If no a student was begging for it.
2. Why do they mail MS and HS students report cards home, that’s just a waste of money, that could be used for something better It’s already online and they should just give them to students in class like they do in the 4 elementary schools. Glendaal, Glen-Worden, Lincoln, and Sacandaga because on the school calendar paper and online it says report cards published, MS and HS.

RESPONSE: Yes, we have the social security numbers and copies of birth certificates for students. However, it is a parent issue as far as whether to tell a child the number, so we would not get involved in releasing that to a student.

As for the report cards at secondary level, we started mailing them again last year during the pandemic and at a time when not all students were in school. We have continued that this year but will likely stop at some point, probably next year.

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