Physical Education policies



Jewelry of any type is not permitted during physical education class. Students will not be allowed to participate wearing jewelry. There may be occasions where a teacher grants permission to wear jewelry, e.g. a lecture class, during an exam but this is the rare exception.


  • 50% Effort — this includes, but is not limited to, participation, appropriately attired, sportsmanship, teamwork, listening, cooperation, being prepared, staying on task, and working to the best of one’s ability.
  • 25% Knowledge — this includes, but is not limited to, written tests, quizzes, homework/class assignments, research papers.
  • 25% Skill — this includes, but is not limited to, specific skill evaluation, physical fitness level, and overall aptitude to perform the various tasks and activities.


  • 1 Warning per semester
  • 1st — Maximum grade of 90% and parent is notified
  • 2nd — Maximum grade of 80%, parent is notified and student is assigned to detention
  • 3rd — Failure for the quarter, maximum grade of 60% and parent is notified. Additional unprepareds lower the grade by a minimum of 5 points each. The penalty for cuts is equal to that of unprepareds, with an additional school detention. No warning is allowed.

Physical Fitness Attire:

Students must wear sneakers that have either laces or Velcro. They must have good support and non-marking soles. Footwear such as hiking boots, wrestling shoes, heeled boots/shoes of any type are unacceptable. Safety is our primary concern. T-shirts, athletic shorts, sweatpants, wind pants, sweat shirts are the required types of clothing. These items must not contain any logo advertising alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or violence.

Interscholastic Program:

Students who are members of school athletic teams must be appropriately dressed for physical education class and actively participating in order to participate in any athletic practice or contest that same afternoon or evening.

NYS and National Physical Education Standards