Modified Girls Basketball information

COMMENT: Hi there! Just wanted ask about Modified Girls Basketball. Will there be open gym for the Middle School girls that have never played and want to see if they like it? Also, when does the season normally begin for Basketball? Thanks!!!! RESPONSE: We tried to have an open gym in the MS for all …

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COVID notifications and mask wearing

COMMENT: Why are we not being notified via email of cases this year and more detailed information like we were last year of cases? Also my middle schooler keeps coming home stating that some kids are not wearing their masks over their noses/mouth and some teachers do not ask them to fix their masks and …

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Monster Mash on October 22

COMMENT: What are the monster mash dress code and rules? just wondering. RESPONSE: The Monster Mash is on Friday, October 22nd. It is a costume dance, no head coverings or costume masks that conceal the identity of the students, face masks must be worn, and all school rules apply. The times for the dance are: …

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