Traffic safety for prom and graduation season

Tomorrow, May 10, is SGHS prom night at the Rivers Casino. This is an exciting high school milestone. The district wants students to celebrate and dance the night away, and to make smart decisions. 

police officers in front of a screen in an auditorium full of kids
Sargent Goyer, Officer Paluba, Officer Brino, Mr. Turgeon and Mrs. Aker

This week, with the assistance of the Glenville Police Department and Sergeant Goyer, Scotia-Glenville High School provided days of training in traffic safety during physical education classes. The classes were held in the auditorium and provided a refresher on information from similar lessons earlier this year, like when Officer Paluba focused on the importance of traffic safety and citizenship. Officer Brino emphasized the effects and dangers of impaired driving.

“I believe it is vitally important for our students to be reminded of the dangers of impaired and distracted driving as they become eligible to operate motor vehicles but also to understand ways that they can advocate for safer practices among their peers even in situations where they may not be behind the wheel,” said Principal Bednarek.

Studies show that focusing on traffic safety in schools, especially in the spring, makes a positive difference and can even save lives.

“I’m grateful to Mr. Rockhill, our Physical Education Faculty and the Glenville Police Department for working together to present this important information to our students,” said Principal Bednarek. “This is a great example of our school and town working together to enhance a culture of safety among our students.”