The situation the day after the social media threat

In light of the situation yesterday, and as police continue their investigation into the incident, both the high school and middle school have taken steps to make students feel more comfortable at school today.

At the High School, an additional monitor has been put in place, administrators are walking the hallways much more often, staff is checking the perimeters of the property and police have been asked to have a car in the area. Teachers have been asked to be aware of any students who may seem distressed, to speak to them and to send them to the office. As usual, all doors are locked during the day. All entries need to be through the front door. Visitors will be buzzed into the school.

Principal Peter Bednarek also addressed students this morning, saying in part “I also want to say, this morning, that if any of you are feeling uneasy or worried or generally not feeling well about being in school today, I want you to feel comfortable reaching out to someone. If it is not me, talk to a teacher or staff member who you know and trust – or speak with your guidance counselor. We all are committed as a team to do all that we can to keep Scotia Glenville High School a safe and enjoyable place to be. I am grateful for all of you. I always say that I am proud of you and of our community – because I truly mean that. I am privileged to live here and go to school with you every day. One of the popular hashtags gaining followers out there is the WALKUPNOTOUT hashtag which encourages us to walk up to someone we may not know or someone we think could benefit from a hello – or from being included in a group. I would encourage you to do this as I plan to do the same – right here today as we walk the halls of our school. In my mind – this is one of the ways we can build a stronger community, keep ourselves safe, and make sure everyone feels included. You can make a difference – and you do make a difference.”

At the Middle School, counselors will circulate through lunch periods to talk with students. Teachers have been told to be aware of any students who may seem stressed and to send them to either the guidance office or the main office.