The Olympic spirit of Team Onair

To conclude their study of Ancient Greece, the sixth-grade students of Team Onair participate in the ONAIR OLYMPICS. Team Onair has been hosting these games for several years.

students piled up in a gymnasium holding handmade flagsOn Monday, students were placed into one of six different Greek city-states (such as Athens, Sparta and Delphi) to create flags to represent their polis and a city-state creed to chant at the opening ceremonies. Additionally, city-state members decided which event each member would be participating in during the competition.

principal dresed like Zeus wearing a while drape and a gold crown, and a white beardThe ceremonies opened yesterday with the actual Ancient Greek Olympic oath led by Zeus, played by Mr. Cosmer. During the opening ceremony march, students displayed their flags and recited their creed.

Tomorrow, the games begin. Students will compete in several events to bring honor and glory, as well as olive leaf crowns, back to their city-state.

The Onair Olympic events include: 

  • Straw Javelin
  • Cotton Ball Shot Put
  • Paper Plate Discus
  • Olympic Ring Toss
  • “Boxing” with the Rock ‘Em, Sock “Em