Where can I find the rotation for secondary students

COMMENT: Where can i find the rotation calendars that show which days are Crimson/Strong/Tartans, for Feb – June? RESPONSE: The rotation of Crimson, Strong and Tartan is listed on the web calendar on the website, ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org It is also listed on this School Schedules page of our reopening plan under Secondary  – https://www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org/scotia-glenville-school-operating-plan-2020-21/school-schedules/

Did the Wednesday schedules change?

COMMENT: My kids just told me that the original Wednesday graphic that was posted here with the times of each HS virtual period is no longer correct. Is there another graphic that shows the updated times so that I can print that out and replace it with the ones hanging above their computers? RESPONSE: No, …

2019-20 yearbooks

COMMENT: We are still waiting for  yearbooks. Are they getting  them  when they return  back on the 14th? RESPONSE: We are still awaiting word from the publisher about a delivery date for the 2019-20 yearbooks. When we receive them, we will let everyone know they are available and how they will be distributed.

When did the first quarter end?

COMMENT: What date did Q1 end for the MS? ANSWER: The first quarter for both the Middle School and High School ended on Friday, Nov. 8.

Spring Fling at the MS

COMMENT: I know that recently,  the kids at the middle school voted on whether they wanted a spring fling or a winter dance. which event was chosen, and when will the event be held? RESPONSE: I can refer to a response from a few weeks ago: There is no spring dance, those formal dances were …

Public Displays of Affection (PDA) at the Middle School

COMMENT: Why did my MS child get PDA for hugging her best friend? RESPONSE: As stated in the Middle School Handbook, “Excessive public displays of affection (PDA) – outside of hand holding – are not appropriate anywhere on school property and are subject to disciplinary actions.” Like any other rule infraction, students consequences are dependent …

Middle School Spring Dance?

COMMENT: Is there going to be a spring dance at the SGMS? RESPONSE: There is no spring dance, those formal dances were ended a few years ago. There is a Spring Fling scheduled for Wednesday, June 19. The Spring Fling is an outdoor event with a bouncy bounce, various games, dunking booth, food, DJ, etc.

Are tank tops allowed at the Middle School?

COMMENT: Regarding the Middle school online handbook/code of conduct, me and my daughter are confused as to the fact of if she is allowed to wear tank tops to school (not like tube tops, halters, etc., just a generic tank top). are tank tops allowed or against the rules? RESPONSE: I checked with the Middle …

Is the Middle School a safe place for LGBTQ+ students?

COMMENT: My daughter has been schooling at the SGMS for about 1 semester now (in sixth grade). Our family and friends are supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, but I also understand that many children of that age make fun of other’s sexuality. Is this school considered a safe place for members of this community? RESPONSE: The …

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